The deal with disappointments…


It has been very rough for me lately. As a creative artist, one has to work in an enabling environment (you know, the kind that lets you harness your creative abilities optimally). The environment has neither been enabling nor favorable and it seems as though the opportunities refuse to come. It is as disappointing as it is depressing. Some days, I find it so difficult to get out of bed because I fear for having yet another day like the last one- a phobia which branches into other different ones and eventually frightens me back to the only place that still feels safe: my bed.

As much as I would like to go on and on about how its leading to some kind of depression, my point is, I get it. I know what it feels like to want something so much and suffer because it seems too big a dream to achieve. I know what it feels like to be made empty promises and to be let down. I know what it feels like to be treated with disrespect and looked down on. I know what it feels to completely trust a person and have them betray you over and over. I understand the true meaning of disappointment. There is always someone in this world who has been in a worse place than you and who has been in a better place, this therefore means that you have never really been alone and even now, you are not alone because someone, somewhere has been right where you are (this may not offer any kind of real consolation, but it does give some relief that you aren’t somewhat abnormal, doesn’t it?)

The key to unlocking this gigantic, rusty door (at least one that I would recommend as it has worked for me in the past) is to never give up. It is that simple even though the process might be tiring and a little frustrating but if you think about it critically, you would see that persistence ALWAYS pays. Create in your head that fantasy world where all your dreams come true over and over and it is only going to be a matter of time before that becomes your reality (also close your mind to all kinds of negative things, that could slow you down a lot). I may be in a really awful place at the moment but I never stop dreaming. The second most important thing to do is to let go of all the pain and all the hurt. It does not define who you are, it is only a phase in your life. Just let it go.

My name is Aubrey and I’ve been happy to share.

TO DO : Create your perfect world in your mind and  push out those negative thoughts

DAILY MANTRA : You will find it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy.



When things don’t go right…


I am writing this post from a very awkward position (trust me, you don’t wanna know) and its not something I particularly fancy (I have been ill for 48 hours now). Its just not funny.

Imagine making plans to the last detail, telling yourself how your day, week and/or month will pan out, being happy at how organized and principled you can be and then BAM! something happens and scatters everything you have so meticulously put together. That has got to be one of the most frustrating things in this world if not the most frustrating (you can argue with your friends about that later). Point is, it sucks!

Now here comes the big question: what do you do when things don’t go right? There is an obvious temptation to want to give up, let go and just wallow in self pity and anxiety. It seems like the easiest option (unless you are bedridden but even then there is always a way out). It is very easy to fold your arms and say “I am done” and this can be seen not only in our personal activities but also in our relationships with others. We get too tired of trying to make it work, we prefer to fantasize about  the green grass in other people’s yards when we abandon and refuse to revive the grass turning brown in our backyards. We assume that if we don’t get it at the first try, then it is not meant to be and the forces are against us,therefore we need to try something new. We have the false notion in our heads that somehow things are just meant to fall into our laps and perfect themselves for us. What a wrong way to operate! (I say “we” because I struggle with it too)

Having a positive disposition to anything and everything is a great way to start. I could have decided to curl up in bed all day, feeling sorry for myself and thinking negative thoughts that could dampen my spirit even more (that has happened on a good number of occasions) but I decided to work within the capacity of my strength and keep my mind open and positive to receive what good the Universe has for me. It is a great mood lifter and I am sure that if it can work for me, it can work for you too. It is also important to not dwell so much on receiving and/or expecting as you should on giving and/or working for what you want. It is said that expectation is root of all disappointment (pretty logical because our standards for the kind of life we want to have are more often than not too high for anyone to provide for us but us!). Nobody said things were going to be easy, but you need to be absolutely certain that you have done the best for yourself that you can given your current situation (and if we critically analyze this, many of us would fall short).

Need I mention that the grace of God is always available (for those who believe) even when we fail to try. So imagine putting real effort and having supernatural backing at the same time: things that previously seemed impossible become surmountable. All of our problems will not disappear, but we become stronger to face them because giving up isn’t an option for us.

I am writing this post from a very awkward position (I know by now you know not to ask) but with some determination (and the grace of God) I have reached my finish line for today (I really hope that you have reached yours) so if the question lingers in your mind about what to do when things don’t go right, may I suggest you make a detour to the left? It might not be so bad after all.

TO DO : Try to find the next best option instead of giving up altogether

DAILY MANTRA : I won’t give up on me, no matter what!