Your positive superpower…


I have had an amazing past couple of weeks (of course that would mean I did things the world would call exciting right?) and even now I still feel a surge of energy coursing through my body as I put down these words. I have been genuinely happy and healthy and I can confidently say that my life is perfect (I promise, I’ll tell you why).

It would seem as though being happy is a state of mind, just like being angry or feeling lonely, but I would like to think that being happy is a decision. What this typically means is that I could be in the middle of a terrible situation but decide keep my state of mind on happiness (would sound ridiculous to the pessimists but it is true). I could be sick or hurt by a trusted friend, lover or family member and still choose happiness, in other words, I could create my perfect life out of the imperfections that exist around me. Ever since I found that source of power, I have held on to it and now I am eager to share it with everyone (don’t be surprised if it comes up in my future posts, it is that important).

Stay positive! Yes, I said so! There is so much to life than all the problems we encounter and even the ones we create for ourselves unknowingly (we do that a lot). A happy person feels more alive, and seems to have everything going  good for them (this is because the energy we emit into the universe always manifests itself and comes back to us as our hearts’ desire, therefore emitting negative energy brings back negative things and vice versa). When you do not let worry and anger get the best of you, you can focus on things that are truly important to you, the most being living a fulfilled life in any capacity you desire. Notice how “angry” people never attract for themselves anything good!

Let it be known,that happy people do not necessarily have all the “goodies” of this world, but what they have is far more than that: gratitude and love, the two important things that eventually bring all good things to them. Plus, isn’t having to close your eyes and have a good night’s worry free sleep something to crave and be thankful for? I suppose so. Those material things that get you worked up and bitter are temporary, and they too will become obsolete. In the end you are all you have and you must make the most of the precious life that God has given you. You must learn to live!

In the end, the past is past. Let all that has happened to you in the past be left behind (I know it hurts, trust me I have been there, but you must let go). Decide for yourself that you will be the best version of yourself that you have ever been.Take charge of your mind and send those negative thoughts on their way whenever they come knocking (yes, you are more powerful than you can imagine). Be willing to “walk through the valley of the shadow of death” with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Trust me, all the good days are coming around again!

TO DO : Everyday, write a list of things that you are grateful for and say thank you.

DAILY MANTRA : What I have now was once among the things I hoped for.


The Reward for good girls….


My mother used to tell me when I was little: ” Brush your teeth properly Aubrey, if you don’t have clean teeth, no man will marry you.” I never thought much about that statement until recently.

It seems that the more we(good girls) try to be distinct from the crowd, the more we carry ourselves in a dignified manner, the more we keep ourselves pure and untainted by the world, the harder it gets for us to achieve our dreams. It is almost as though those who choose to live on the other side of life have more fun, experience life more and get their needs met(it is more frustrating than it sounds). Someone called me “fake” once because he did not believe that being good was a real trait a girl could possess (matter of fact, you would find people who would call you a pretender more often than not because you have principles, imagine that!)

This brings me to the subject of concern: the reward for good girls. Is the reward for good girls marriage? Is that all I get if I follow all the rules, jump all the hurdles and make all the right decisions? At the end of that long tough road transitioning from a little girl to a woman, will all I get at the end of the day be a husband? (Don’t get me wrong, getting married is a beautiful thing), but even the worst of women(if we decide to call them that) have been married to good men so really, something is totally off right??

I believe good girls can and should have everything they desire. I believe parents should tell their girl children that in addition to being good, they can have everything they want, everything that they work hard for, and that having a husband could be the cherry on top of the cake, but not the cake itself. Forgive your parents for not coming to this realization and be blessed knowing that you can not only apply this in your life as a young woman, but you can pass this on to your girl child(children) in the best way possible(I forgive you mum, I know you were just looking out for me).

So what is the reward for good girls? I dare say anything and everything!

TO DO: The right things, but be ruthless in the pursuit of your dreams

DAILY MANTRA: I am a good girl, and that’s not a bad thing!