Your positive superpower…


I have had an amazing past couple of weeks (of course that would mean I did things the world would call exciting right?) and even now I still feel a surge of energy coursing through my body as I put down these words. I have been genuinely happy and healthy and I can confidently say that my life is perfect (I promise, I’ll tell you why).

It would seem as though being happy is a state of mind, just like being angry or feeling lonely, but I would like to think that being happy is a decision. What this typically means is that I could be in the middle of a terrible situation but decide keep my state of mind on happiness (would sound ridiculous to the pessimists but it is true). I could be sick or hurt by a trusted friend, lover or family member and still choose happiness, in other words, I could create my perfect life out of the imperfections that exist around me. Ever since I found that source of power, I have held on to it and now I am eager to share it with everyone (don’t be surprised if it comes up in my future posts, it is that important).

Stay positive! Yes, I said so! There is so much to life than all the problems we encounter and even the ones we create for ourselves unknowingly (we do that a lot). A happy person feels more alive, and seems to have everything going  good for them (this is because the energy we emit into the universe always manifests itself and comes back to us as our hearts’ desire, therefore emitting negative energy brings back negative things and vice versa). When you do not let worry and anger get the best of you, you can focus on things that are truly important to you, the most being living a fulfilled life in any capacity you desire. Notice how “angry” people never attract for themselves anything good!

Let it be known,that happy people do not necessarily have all the “goodies” of this world, but what they have is far more than that: gratitude and love, the two important things that eventually bring all good things to them. Plus, isn’t having to close your eyes and have a good night’s worry free sleep something to crave and be thankful for? I suppose so. Those material things that get you worked up and bitter are temporary, and they too will become obsolete. In the end you are all you have and you must make the most of the precious life that God has given you. You must learn to live!

In the end, the past is past. Let all that has happened to you in the past be left behind (I know it hurts, trust me I have been there, but you must let go). Decide for yourself that you will be the best version of yourself that you have ever been.Take charge of your mind and send those negative thoughts on their way whenever they come knocking (yes, you are more powerful than you can imagine). Be willing to “walk through the valley of the shadow of death” with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Trust me, all the good days are coming around again!

TO DO : Everyday, write a list of things that you are grateful for and say thank you.

DAILY MANTRA : What I have now was once among the things I hoped for.


When things don’t go right…


I am writing this post from a very awkward position (trust me, you don’t wanna know) and its not something I particularly fancy (I have been ill for 48 hours now). Its just not funny.

Imagine making plans to the last detail, telling yourself how your day, week and/or month will pan out, being happy at how organized and principled you can be and then BAM! something happens and scatters everything you have so meticulously put together. That has got to be one of the most frustrating things in this world if not the most frustrating (you can argue with your friends about that later). Point is, it sucks!

Now here comes the big question: what do you do when things don’t go right? There is an obvious temptation to want to give up, let go and just wallow in self pity and anxiety. It seems like the easiest option (unless you are bedridden but even then there is always a way out). It is very easy to fold your arms and say “I am done” and this can be seen not only in our personal activities but also in our relationships with others. We get too tired of trying to make it work, we prefer to fantasize about  the green grass in other people’s yards when we abandon and refuse to revive the grass turning brown in our backyards. We assume that if we don’t get it at the first try, then it is not meant to be and the forces are against us,therefore we need to try something new. We have the false notion in our heads that somehow things are just meant to fall into our laps and perfect themselves for us. What a wrong way to operate! (I say “we” because I struggle with it too)

Having a positive disposition to anything and everything is a great way to start. I could have decided to curl up in bed all day, feeling sorry for myself and thinking negative thoughts that could dampen my spirit even more (that has happened on a good number of occasions) but I decided to work within the capacity of my strength and keep my mind open and positive to receive what good the Universe has for me. It is a great mood lifter and I am sure that if it can work for me, it can work for you too. It is also important to not dwell so much on receiving and/or expecting as you should on giving and/or working for what you want. It is said that expectation is root of all disappointment (pretty logical because our standards for the kind of life we want to have are more often than not too high for anyone to provide for us but us!). Nobody said things were going to be easy, but you need to be absolutely certain that you have done the best for yourself that you can given your current situation (and if we critically analyze this, many of us would fall short).

Need I mention that the grace of God is always available (for those who believe) even when we fail to try. So imagine putting real effort and having supernatural backing at the same time: things that previously seemed impossible become surmountable. All of our problems will not disappear, but we become stronger to face them because giving up isn’t an option for us.

I am writing this post from a very awkward position (I know by now you know not to ask) but with some determination (and the grace of God) I have reached my finish line for today (I really hope that you have reached yours) so if the question lingers in your mind about what to do when things don’t go right, may I suggest you make a detour to the left? It might not be so bad after all.

TO DO : Try to find the next best option instead of giving up altogether

DAILY MANTRA : I won’t give up on me, no matter what!

The waiting game…


I love punctuality, matter of fact I think it is an integral part of my genetic makeup. I really cannot stand having to be late for anything, or being kept waiting by anyone (for me that is worse than being sick, hypothetically of course). The earth is a wonderful place to be in when everything in my life is in order, especially as it relates to time.

But here’s the sad part. This kinda means that when something is out of order, doesn’t come in time or is on its way for way longer than it should, it creates a lot of chaos in my life. I start to feel as though my world is literally upside down, my body starts to itch and every inch of me is a bundle of nerves. Sometimes I start to snap at people (if for any unfortunate reason they are around me) and I end up creating more problems than I originally had (in other words, having a bunch of people to apologize to). And do not get me started if that coincides with “that time of the month”, then its like Hulk in real life (a little exaggerated but you get the point right?)

Here’s the thing: I decided to point this out because I know that I am one of many women who feel this way, who are not very good at playing the waiting game. Now wait a second, before you start to blame yourself for it you should consider this: We have often been told that we do not have the luxury of time, that we are like flowers that blossom and die off afterwards, blah blah blah (meaning menopause). Basically, all we hear around us is that our clocks are ticking fast. So its not entirely our fault for wanting what we want and at the time we want it too.

On the other hand, it is important to know that there are ways to deal with the pressure (yes there are). There are ways to wait properly without getting frustrated in the process (no one said it will be easy though), it all starts in the mind. Your mind needs to convince your body that time will not make you wither, instead, it will unite all the forces of the universe to make you blossom. Stay punctual (please do not change that for the world!) but just like the serenity prayer, accept the things you cannot change in good faith, have the courage to change the things that you can without succumbing to the frustration it often brings, and pray for the wisdom to know how to handle yourself and emerge stronger through all of it.

I am of the opinion that women are impatient by design (mother nature does not really give us the luxury of time) but we do not have to remain impatient. We can break what is seemingly the “curse” of impatience placed upon us by investing our time and effort in doing the things that we love and staying positive. Remember, everything (yes, I mean everything) comes to those who wait, and everything good comes to those who wait with a positive disposition while making the best use of what is available to them at every moment in time.

The concept of time is man made, therefore we can use it in a way that works for us, without letting it turn us into grumpy old women hitting menopause before menopause. We can play the waiting game like the divas that we are. We got this!

TO DO : Take your life one day at a time, and know the difference between rushing  and working swiftly.

DAILY MANTRA : My patience will achieve more than my force.