The waiting game…


I love punctuality, matter of fact I think it is an integral part of my genetic makeup. I really cannot stand having to be late for anything, or being kept waiting by anyone (for me that is worse than being sick, hypothetically of course). The earth is a wonderful place to be in when everything in my life is in order, especially as it relates to time.

But here’s the sad part. This kinda means that when something is out of order, doesn’t come in time or is on its way for way longer than it should, it creates a lot of chaos in my life. I start to feel as though my world is literally upside down, my body starts to itch and every inch of me is a bundle of nerves. Sometimes I start to snap at people (if for any unfortunate reason they are around me) and I end up creating more problems than I originally had (in other words, having a bunch of people to apologize to). And do not get me started if that coincides with “that time of the month”, then its like Hulk in real life (a little exaggerated but you get the point right?)

Here’s the thing: I decided to point this out because I know that I am one of many women who feel this way, who are not very good at playing the waiting game. Now wait a second, before you start to blame yourself for it you should consider this: We have often been told that we do not have the luxury of time, that we are like flowers that blossom and die off afterwards, blah blah blah (meaning menopause). Basically, all we hear around us is that our clocks are ticking fast. So its not entirely our fault for wanting what we want and at the time we want it too.

On the other hand, it is important to know that there are ways to deal with the pressure (yes there are). There are ways to wait properly without getting frustrated in the process (no one said it will be easy though), it all starts in the mind. Your mind needs to convince your body that time will not make you wither, instead, it will unite all the forces of the universe to make you blossom. Stay punctual (please do not change that for the world!) but just like the serenity prayer, accept the things you cannot change in good faith, have the courage to change the things that you can without succumbing to the frustration it often brings, and pray for the wisdom to know how to handle yourself and emerge stronger through all of it.

I am of the opinion that women are impatient by design (mother nature does not really give us the luxury of time) but we do not have to remain impatient. We can break what is seemingly the “curse” of impatience placed upon us by investing our time and effort in doing the things that we love and staying positive. Remember, everything (yes, I mean everything) comes to those who wait, and everything good comes to those who wait with a positive disposition while making the best use of what is available to them at every moment in time.

The concept of time is man made, therefore we can use it in a way that works for us, without letting it turn us into grumpy old women hitting menopause before menopause. We can play the waiting game like the divas that we are. We got this!

TO DO : Take your life one day at a time, and know the difference between rushing  and working swiftly.

DAILY MANTRA : My patience will achieve more than my force.